Juerg Schweizer

Market Development
South East Asia

CEO Roundtable

    Juerg takes on responsibility for Market Development activities in Asian countries outside Japan and China.

Juerg brings an excellent track record and relevant experience to this role. He has a solid background in the stainless steel sector. He started his career after Swiss military service at Thyssen Stainless Steel in sales. He took up subsequent positions at Kindlimann AG a subsidiary of Benteler Distribution International, one of the leading stainless steel distributors. From 1995-2012, Juerg undertook special assignments in Singapore for Benteler. He was latterly a consultant. During his time in Singapore, Juerg has built up connections in many sectors across South East Asia, India, China as well as Australia and New Zealand, with major producers and significant up- & downstream users of nickel. He is also a Vice-President of the Singapore Welding Society.

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