Exhibitor Profile

03-04-05 Oct 2024

Yashobhoomi Convention Centre, Delhi

Stainless Steels

  • Stainless steels
  • Ferritic steels
  • Martensitic and hardenable steels
  • Austenitic steels
  • Duplex & Super Duplex stainless steels
  • Heat resistant steels
  • Martensitic creep resistant steels
  • Special stainless steels
  • Maraging, TRIP steels
  • Weldable, stabilised stainless steels
  • Stainless steels for castings
  • Special alloys, superalloys
  • Nickel superalloys
  • Cobalt superalloys
  • Titanium, titanium alloys
  • Tantalum, zirconium and special alloys
  • Powder metallurgy materials, ODS steels

Stainless Steels Products Of Foundries, Forging And Pressing Shops

  • Stainless steel castings
  • Precision casting
  • Stainless steel forgings
  • Die forgings
  • Stainless steel mouldings
  • Stainless steel extrusions

Stainless Steel Metallurgical Products

  • Flat products
  • Long products
  • Products of specific form
  • Cladded products, cladding
  • Special stainless steel metallurgical products

Computers, Testing And Measuring Instruments For Stainless Steels

  • Systems for production plant management, design and planning
  • Equipment and systems for the measurement of technological quantities
  • Equipment for mechanical tests
  • Instruments and equipment for the examination of material microstructure
  • Instruments and equipment for chemical analysis
  • Instruments and equipment for non-destructive testing
  • Computers, testing and measuring instruments for stainless steels

Machines And Equipment For Stainless Steel Treatment And Processing

  • Machines and equipment for welding, cutting & brazing
  • Machines and equipment for metal cutting (cutting, turning, milling, boring)
  • Forming machines and equipment
  • Hand tools for stainless steel working
  • Furnaces and accessories thereof for heat processing and treatment (hardening, annealing)
  • Accessory and auxiliary materials for heat processing and treatment
  • Machines and equipment for surface cleaning
  • Degreasing and cleaning devices
  • Abrasives for blasting machines
  • Brushing machines and accessories thereof
  • Pickling and passivation equipment
  • Paints suitable for stainless steels
  • Equipment and accessories for scrap processing and waste disposal
  • Protection and safety means and aids
  • Technical gases
  • Machines and equipment for stainless steel treatment

Stainless Steel Products

  • Bearings, and parts thereof
  • Gear wheels
  • Springs and flexible elements
  • Seals, bellows
  • Conveyor technique belts, chains, screws
  • Filters, sieves
  • Hoses, fittings, quick couplings, flanges, pneumatic
  • Travelling wheels, pulleys, head pulleys
  • Joining, fixing elements, fasteners
  • Large volume tanks, cisterns, silos, containers
  • Vessels, barrels, cans, containers
  • Ropes, cords, straps
  • Bended wire products, chains
  • Building elements and concrete reinforcements
  • Cable protection troughs
  • Construction elements for water treatment plants
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Drinking water pipes
  • Equipment for waste depot and removal
  • Product pipelines
  • Medical instruments and products
  • Laboratory instruments and equipment
  • Stainless steel products, other

Stainless Steel Metallurgical Semi-products

  • Ingots, continuous casts
  • Blooms, billets, slabs

Raw Materials And Materials For The Production Of Stainless Steels

  • Blast furnace pig iron
  • Scrap
  • Alloying material, ferro alloys